We are a group of teachers who believe that the education system led by Secretary DeVos, under the guidance of President Trump, is heading down the wrong direction. We speak out because the people who will suffer the most are our students. Unfortunately, they don't often get a say in these matters. We choose to speak out.

Who: Educators who are passionate about the profession, and will not be quiet while damaging changes are being made to our education system by President Trump and Secretary DeVos.
What: We will speak truth to power in order to create and support an education system that benefits all students. (All includes LGBTQI, Refugees, Immigrants, and Muslim students.)
When: Now! Detrimental policies and laws are being created and passed through Congress. We can't wait for an election to support our students. We must act now.
Where: Both locally and nationally. Online and in person. Our resistance is not limited to any geographic location. 
Why: Our students deserve better than Secretary DeVos and President Trump.